Let’s talk about Glitter!

Using the correct and safe glitter in face painting is so important

In this blog we will dive into the world of Glitter and what brands are safe to use on the skin

In the You tube  video, Amber discusses in detail the glitter we love to use with our team .

Glitter is an essential in every face painter’s kit and the product that makes all your face paint designs pop and sparkle! It’s very important to make sure the glitter you are applying to your customer’s face is safe and made from the correct materials so we recommend always purchasing your glitter from professional face paint brands. If the glitter is labelled as cosmetic grade it means it is skin-safe. Our professional starter kits are event-ready. They include a bottle of gel glitter from Amerikan Body Art and also a mix and match of all our favourite face paint brands and equipment . Check it out: OUR COURSE

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