Face paint and staining

How to get rid of face paint stains



A  question I get asked a lot when I’m on the job is: “How do you remove face paint?” 

The simple answer to that is Yes, some very high pigmented colours can stain the skin for a short period of time. Of course they wash off in the end but they may take a little more cleaning than other colours.

The main culprits are  teal ,dark blue, red, yellow and some greens.

 I thought I’d delve into the topic with some helpful tips and tricks for removing face paint and face paint stains.

In the video above I show you a few different methods of removing face paint so you can see for yourself which technique works the best.

Some  colors are especially  difficult to remove without leaving a little staining behind as you will notice in the video. Of course they are some of our favourite colors to use . Teal ,dark blues and greens are the biggest culprits but don’t worry. Any staining will eventually wear off in the end and I’ll demonstrate and write down how to remove them.

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The first and most effective method of removing most face paints is just soap and water. Get a regular face cloth, lather the soap and water together and gently remove the design. This method is 90% successful for removing the majority of water based face paints, (The only face paints we recommend to use on kids)

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo

We often use a little baby shampoo in one of the water tubs to clean the brushes as we paint. Its very kid friendly and shouldn’t irritate the skin and eyes. If you have found the stain doesn’t come off with soap and water, a quick shower or bath will probably do the job using baby shampoo

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

So now we come to the 3rd option if the stain is really stubborn. Coconut or olive oil is something most people have  in their kitchen and its brilliant to remove the stain if nothing else works. Apply some to a cotton pad and gently rub the stain away. As you can see in the video its probably the most effective

 Makeup Remover and Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover

The makeup remover is also very effective as you can see in the video. Just apply it the same as you do with the oils and gently wipe the stain away

So there we have some useful tips and tricks for removing staining. Remember you can view all this information in more detail in our beginners course

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