Face Painting Sponges

Face Painting Sponges

How to use face painting sponges and where to buy the best ones.


Hi everyone! Welcome back to our Blog post  Premier face painting Ireland

 If you haven’t been here before my name is Amber and I have been a face painter for over 10 years.

I am the influencer for our company and work as part of an amazing team around Ireland and abroad . You can see my free tutorials on our social media platforms such as Instagram ,Tiktok and face book

In this video I will be talking about Sponges. There are a few different types that are commonly used in face painting. I will go though each type that our team like to use , and show you how to apply the paint so you can see each sponges effect.

For the first few years at this company back in 2013 we only used these latex infinity sponges! They are made of a soft latex material which makes them fantastic for applying a  blended base. They also have this triangular shape but with rounded edges which means you don’t have to worry about harsh lines when sponging.We still use these latex sponges in our kits, they are definitely an essential. 

We often use snazaroo pink. If you looks at my video on face paints you will hear me say we love Snazaroo as the colours are soft and blend beautifully. The pink especially works well with  these latex sponges to apply soft blended cheeks onto princess, tiger, kittens etc. They also make it really easy to blend out full face white face paints such as a skeleton or puppy. (do demo)

Next we have round and half sponges. These ones here are black, we prefer to use black sponges as you can’t see staining. Although all our sponges are cleaned and disinfected all the time its impossible to avoid staining on white sponges so the black just looks more professional.

Half sponges are round sponges cut in half and that’s what ill be showing you today. These have a much more porous texture so they easily absorb water and can create a very high pigment. we find it’s best to spritz your sponge a couple of times  as its easier and a more hygenic method compared to  dunking the whole sponge in water.  You want your sponge to be moist but not saturated with water


I would mainly use a half or round sponge to apply full face bases as they cover a large surface area. (do demo)

I also like to use them on split cakes

Next we have the petal sponge, these are also made of a porous material so again they easily soak up water and create a very high pigment. The shape itself makes it incredibly easy to use over the eye area or to create a butterfly wing. (do demo)

So these are all the sponges we typically use on a daily basis, This is a  top tip Id like to share .  How to manipulate the sponges with your fingers to create the desired shape. for example I have my half sponge here, and I am just going to slightly squeeze the sponge to create a smaller more rounded edge. The reason I’m doing this is so I can apply a smaller amount of paint by using less of the sponge. (do demo) and then I have more control when Im using it to apply to areas that require more precision 

In our starter kits we have a pack of infinity latex sponges, black petal sponges  half and full round sponges. We also have some more types of sponge shapes that would be used for stencils and I will do another video especially dedicated to them soon

 You can check out the link in the description to view our starter kits and our beginners course where we have a whole chapter dedicated to sponges on each type, their effects and cleaning and storing away.



In some countries there is a law  where a face painter is required to use a new sponge for every single face paint however we reuse our sponges as we are an eco friendly company and don’t want to throw away thousands of sponges every year, you just need to clean them thoroughly and store them properly.

What would be your opinion on this?

 Would you like to see a full video on sponge cleaning? Comment below!


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