Welcome to our news and blog page! Here you will find all the latest news about our team and events, featuring our social platforms, photos and videos. 

Our team travels to events all over Ireland and even abroad. From Cork to Dublin, the girls can work anywhere with their kit in hand. Here is where we will keep you up to date on all their face painting adventures! 

If you’re interested in the world of face painting and entertainment…this blog will be the ideal place to find fun facts, tips and tricks, tutorials and more. To break it down, our team is composed of people who manage all kinds of different jobs. First we have our CEO Selena (that’s me) writing this blog and updating you with all face painting related topics. Then we have our marketing manager Amber who creates new looks every week. Finally we have our teams based in Cork and Dublin, who travel to all kinds of events. Sometimes myself and Amber do events too as we love being apart of the team and their adventures.

This is also the place to be for your questions to be answered! We have taught workshops for years and have come across some of the same questions time and time again. How do I get started? What face paints are safe? Where to buy supplies? What equipment do I need? and how much should I charge? We’re going to covering these type of questions in our beginners face painting course. You will be getting updated info on this blog.

Learning how to face paint can be quite the journey. We aim to make it easier for you to learn all the techniques involved in face painting. Including, our tutorials from the cutest tiger to the most magical unicorn on our social media platforms. 

We hope you enjoy all the topics and adventures we share with you. Good luck on your face painting journey.


Let’s talk about Glitter! Using the correct and safe glitter in face painting is so important In this blog we will dive into the world

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makeup artist for modelling shoots

Modelling and fashion

Working in this industry give us the wonderful opportunity of going to so many different types of events. Last year we attended 4 modelling shows.

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Learn to face paint

Upcoming courses worldwide

Learn to Face paint from the comfort of your own home! https://premierfacepaintingireland.com/workshops/With  in-depth video instruction ,multiple links and step-by-step guidance. We have created the ultimate

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