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This is a space where face painters can share inspiration and get their questions answered by professionals. Feel free to share your journey and experiences with fellow face painters and discuss tips and tricks in the world of face painting. Our professional team will also be checking in to help and guide you. You will find links to all our courses and products on this page!




Always make sure you use a high-quality brand such as Snazaroo or Diamond FX which has been fully safety tested and approved. Start with a kit or a few individual pots of colour – good first buys are the three primary colours (red, yellow, blue) plus black and white, so you can mix them to make more colours. We will guide you on how to use  Rainbow split cakes and one strokes


A high-density sponge is essential for streak-free base layers and soft, diffused effects such as rosy cheeks. It lets you cover a lot of skin quickly and blend colours together easily. You can create different shapes by cutting them


You need at least one medium-sized brush, for details. Our brushes are made with top quality  synthetic fibres, which are super soft on the skin while giving excellent control.


Always keep a fresh bowl of water on hand to rinse your sponges and brushes.

The optional extras!

Perfect for magical effects, glitter adds extra dimension and sparkle to your creations. Why not try our biodegradable skin-friendly Bio Glitters in fine or chunky?


These simple-to-use templates are ideal if you’re unsure about painting freehand.

Small Towel

To keep your hands clean and dry.


To show the finished creation!

Hairband Or Clips

To keep hair away from the face.