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A sneak peek into our Thinkific online Face Painting Tutorials

Our face painting tutorials


It’s been such a journey getting our little seed idea to grow into something that is way beyond our first expectations! We are now moving into a new business idea by bringing to you in depth tutorials parried with our beginners face painting course.

                                                               Learn a new skill

When we first started doing workshops we would book out. This was because we could only do one to two a year as we were too busy in other areas! We would also take just 10 students max for each workshop so they would get the full benefit of one to one tuition.

From the few workshops we did host over the years we were delighted to see the progress of some of our students and watch them grow a business in the Face painting and entertainment sector and to date they are very successful.

Every day I open my emails and have multiple inquiries about our workshops. This got me thinking. Would it be possible to create online workshops and courses that teach to a high standard but also keeping the prices low.

And that is what we have done. With hours of filming in our studio, myself, Amber and our models have worked into the late hours and have created and finished our first introduction into the world of face painting online workshop!

We feel it covers all the areas that we would teach in one of our one to one courses with up close tutorials of what to do and what not to do when starting this journey. The course is also packed with information and links about where you can get the best equipment. Learn the in’s and out’s of starting your own business and understand the practicals of keeping a clean station and how to engage with your clients which is laid out in different chapters of the course.