Professional Face Painting Starter Kit


Our starter kits are a mix and match of what we feel works perfectly for the beginner face painter. The box is small but packed full. You can add more to your kit as you progress in your face painting journey.

The professional face painting kit and case includes 8 Diamond FX face paint colours, 4 Snazaroo paints , 2 rainbow split cakes, 6 brushes, latex sponges, hand mirror and more. For the full list of items in this fantastic professional starter kit please read below or download the pdf here (coming soon).

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Professional Face Painting Starter Kit Includes:

  • Pink or Black box (9.45 inch height and 10.24 width) x1
  • Amerikan Body Art glitter gel 1oz “Purple Rain” x1
  • Spray bottle 60ml x1
  • Handheld mirror x1
  • Latex infi nity sponge pack x4
  • Black petal sponge x1
  • Round hydra foam sponge yellow x1
  • Diamond FX split cake RS50-98 Happy Birthday 50g
  • Diamond FX split cake RS50-75 Sky Nights 50g
  • Diamond FX split cake RS30-92 Fabulously Fierce 28g
  • Diamond FX split cake RS30-01 Monsoon 28g
  • Diamond FX split cake RS30-09 Cotton Candy
  • Diamond FX ES1010 Black 30g
  • Diamond FX ES1001 White 30g
  • Diamond FX ES1018 Light Brown 30g
  • Snazaroo White 30g
  • Snazaroo Red 30g
  • Snazaroo Orange 30g
  • Diamond FX ES1024 Golden Yellow 30g
  • Diamond FX ES1056 Spring Green 30g
  • Diamond FX ES1066 Light Blue 30g
  • Diamond FX ES1070 Blue 30g
  • Snazaroo Bright Pink 30g
  • Diamond FX ES1028 Lavender 30g
  • Create liner brush #2
  • Diamond FX D0 #4 round liner brush
  • Medium Petal Brush
  • Sostrene Grene #10 fi lbert brush
  • Diamond FX Medium Flat brush SC #18
  • Sostrene Grene Slanted fl at brush #3