makeup artist for modelling shoots

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makeup artist for modelling shoots

          Face painting for modelling                                        shoots

Working in this industry give us the wonderful opportunity of going to so many different types of events. Last year we attended 4 modelling shows. We also worked on independent models for their portfolios. Some of our top team members now work in the film industry . Check out   ZERICA  she has been part of the team for many years and is starting to be well known on the film circuit. SFX Makeup, face painting and prosthetics.

We have glamed up models for many types of photoshoots, fantasy, ethereal, cartoon and professional creative advertising.

Various PR stunts, music videos, TV commercials, and advertising campaigns all involve body painting. When you first enter the market as a professional body painter, you can be hired to work on PR and promotional events for companies looking to garner media attention for a new event or product, or for television advertising.

We also have professional models on our team, Kathie, Rosie, Eoin and Amber. Adding face and body painting to your model is a very special experience. A professional model is one who can remain still for extended periods of time and who understands the whole process. It’s also helpful if they are approachable and friendly  to chat with. Since body painting might take several hours, lighthearted banter and enjoyable discussion can help the time pass more rapidly and enjoyable. Body painting has the ability to transform people, making them a part of the artwork. Once painted, even the shiest models come alive. It’s a very freeing experience.

Whether you are looking to make your photoshoot simply more creative or want a twist, face and body art is a fantastic way to add that flare to your photoshoot.

Check our socials to see the photoshoots  that we have done in the past.